How to make $1,200+ Monthly from Comedy Skits Business

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Today we will be seeing how you can start making money online creating comedy videos and skits, even as a solo comedian or as a team. All you need is the right concept, good publicizing and interesting videos. Once you are doing what people love, money wouldn’t be the problem.

– A comedy blog

Now you have a good phone or digital camera and the right software, then good concepts, you are good to go. Blogging is one of the easiest ways to start turning in over $$$ monthly from the internet, and you can join the comedy niche. You can contact us to set up your blog for a very affordable fee, and after that you begin to upload your skits.

You can start a comedy blog, and post other people’s comedies as well as your own.
When people visit the website, you make money from adverts, affiliate marketing and other ways.
If you want to learn how you can grow your blog from $0 to $600+ per month, you can contact us below

You will need a Facebook or Twitter handle, so you can be sharing your links there and then generating traffic. Once you have enough traffic and blog visitors, you are good to go.

How to make money from a comedy blog

– Ad networks: Since it is a comedy blog, ad networks will help you make money from it effectively. All you do is display them and they act as an intermediary between you and advertisers. We have written some of the best ad networks you can use even as a Nigerian.

– Affiliate marketing: Affiliate marketing is another awesome way to make money as an internet comedy. All you do is refer people to purchase products and make your own money. We have written out the best ways to make money from affiliate marketing and they are all easy!

– Direct advertisers: You can also get direct advertisers to your website, especially if you are already getting massive and well-targeted traffic.

– Sales of products: You can sell your own physical and digital products on your blog. All you need to do is upload them to an e-eCommerce store and begin to sell them. We have written out some free e-commerce stores for you to choose from.

– YouTube channel

A YouTube channel is another awesome way to make money online from your comedy skits and videos. All you need to do is upload your videos, generate views, monetize them and make your money.

We have written out a guide on how you can begin to turn in $2,000+ monthly from YouTubing and I advise you check it out. It will even help you to get famous (we all want that right?) and with good number of subscribers, you can start making money from your blog.

The Mark Angel Comedy, Craze Clown, Xploit Comedy and Big Boys Comedy are some of the successful video comedians on the Nigerian cyber space. Even Bovi and Basketmouth both have their own YouTube channels and are doing well.

As you begin to get popular, you might even earn yourself endorsements and deals from the fame. Companies will also pay you to include their ads in your videos and you can make money from ad networks.

– Instagram

If you are a good Instagram user, you would have come across videos by some comedians like Lasisi Elenu and CrazeClown. They are among the successful internet comedians.

If your videos are interesting, with the right strategies, you will begin to get natural followers and with time, you will begin to get yourself sponsored ads.

To get good followers there, you can consider making hilarious videos about celebrities, then tagging them. You can even make dance videos for their music, especially when the songs are still new. If they repost them, then you are paving the way to new followers and believe me, just a single repost can earn you 100,000 followers.

You can even consider posting your videos across more than one of the channels, it will be a multiple stream of income and you save yourself the stress off building them together.

– Facebook

If you can grow your Facebook fan base to a good number, you can be making good money from posting sponsored posts.

In fact, it is one of the best things you can do as a YouTuber. Share links to your current videos to your Facebook page and watch the money rolling in.

If you are getting started with making money on Facebook, you can check out these article on 5 hottest secrets on how to make money from your Facebook account.


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