Start Importation of Phones, Laptops, Electronics Clothing, Health Products, Solar Kits & Phone Accessories with 50k

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Some years back, it would require a considerable amount of money to dabble into the mini importation business in Nigeria, as it wasn’t something that required a substantial amount of wealth to begin.

These days, just about anyone can be a millionaire through the mini importation and sales of goods from countries like China, USA, UK, Europe and the rest. 

If you’re thinking about going into the mini importation business – one of the top business idea in Nigeria, this article explains the necessary steps to take and what the mini importation business entails.

How Does a Mini Importation Business Work?

To better understand the rudiments of the mini importation business, it’s necessary to understand its basics.

The mini importation business is based on “buying and selling.” These goods are purchased in bulk from overseas at very low amount and resold in Nigeria for profit.

One notable feat about the mini importation business is how you can begin with just N50,000 Startup capital you have. If you’re more inclined towards the export business.

How to Start a Mini Importation Business in Nigeria

1. Select a Niche for Products

This is a crucial part of the business. There are several niches to dive into in the mini importation business, and if you have the capital, you can start with fast moving and highly lucrative Products in Nigeria, such as Electronics, Computers, Phones, Clothing, Health Products, Solar Kits & Phone Accessories.

2. Source for Products

After you must have selected a niche of the products, you’ll be interested in selling, you must find a supplier who will supply your goods, we will provide you varieties of International Suppliers were you can shop for your desired products

3. Buy from Supplier

Buying your goods from your supplier is the next step. Another essential step to ensure here is choosing a reliable supplier. You want to make sure the goods demanded are quality products.

We can help you order and deliver large or small quantity of products from any Online Store in USA, UK, China, Europe & any part of the world.

Basic Tools Needed to Start a Mini Importation Business

Before we get into the steps of starting a mini importation business, it is essential to note the crucial equipment/tools that you’ll be needing to run your business. They are:

  • Laptop or Computer and Mobile phone
  • Internet access
  • Substantial Capital depending on your choice of goods.
  • An email address
  • A physical location for the delivery of goods

How the Goods are Delivered

Goods are usually delivered in two ways. :

  • Free shipping: This process takes longer. It takes within 20-30days when using the free shipping method to have your goods delivered.
  • Premium or Express Delivery: In this process, deliveries are done by external logistics companies and take within 3-5 working days to deliver goods. 

It is best to calculate the cost of deliveries along with the products, depending on your choice of goods, and it is left to you to choose the best option of delivery for your goods.

Goods delivery is why a physical location of where you want the goods delivered is necessary. The physical location is the address where your goods will be given. You’ll be contacted in other to ensure that your goods get to you.

Marketing Your Imported Products

After you have crossed all the hurdles of selecting a niche, purchasing your goods and having it delivered, selling them becomes a priority. Your goods need to be advertised before they can be sold, and with the help of our Product Marketing Service, we will help you Market your Products.

How to get Started

  1. Choose the type of Product you want to Import, e.g (Electronics, Computers, Phones, Clothing, Health Products, Solar Kits & Phone Accessories)
  2. We will provide you International Shopping site, where you will choose varieties of products to Order
  3. We will help you Pay and deliver the Products to your doorstep
  4. We will help you Market and Sell the Products
  5. We will help you Deliver and Receive Payment on Delivery
  6. We will send Payment to your Bank Account

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